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You Deserve an Expert

We’re specialists in business valuation. Business valuation and enhancement of value is all we do. We’re experts in business valuation, so you’ll get the know-how, the expertise and the commitment to business valuation excellence you’ve come to expect from specialists in other professional disciplines.

We’re not a CPA firm. CPAs are fond of saving money and time by buying valuation software that prepares “canned” reports, copied from templates, over and over, to increase billable yield rates. The trouble is, they don’t stand up under the first five minutes of cross examination by a savvy lawyer. If the valuation report is rejected, the opposing side’s appraiser may have the only acceptable report, leaving you with no other choice but to accept the opposing appraiser’s conclusion.

Further, CPAs have other agendas competing for their resources and time. Business valuation is not a part-time job. It requires a full-time commitment to continuing professional education, research materials, information data bases and membership in quality appraisal organizations. These organizations require members to follow professional standards and provide quality education and mentoring services to ensure members have the highest and best qualifications possible.

We’re full-time experts and specialists in business valuation. We avoid the “cookie-cutter” mentality by carefully preparing every formal valuation report without using canned valuation software shortcuts. Together with a thorough accounting background, we’re experts in economic analysis, industry analysis, research, financial analysis and clear report writing. We are an accredited, professional, seasoned business valuation firm. That means our work is done to professional standards for your peace of mind. Compare our expertise, training and credentials to any CPA firm, and you’ll see that our firm provides clients with superior quality, reliability and value.

We’re not an internet “appraisal mill.” Mill operators have no formal appraisal training, qualifications or credentials. These operators perpetrate a hoax on internet price shoppers by preparing fake reports packed with pages of filler, false theory and preposterous conclusions pulled from thin air.

You can detect these fraudulent operators by confirming their credentials and membership in professional appraisal organizations. Be watchful, because these scoundrels have gone to great lengths to cover up their weaknesses by false qualifications and irrelevant information to distract clients from discovering that they have no proper valuation training nor qualifications.