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Administrative Guides

Getting Started: Gathering Information About the Assignment

Initial Valuation Engagement Information – Generic Assignment, Simple form for gathering information about the intended generic assignment, 3 pages. Download PDF File

Initial Valuation Engagement Information – Marital Dissolution, Simple form for gathering information about the intended marital dissolution assignment, 3 pages. Download PDF File

Gathering Company Information: The Initial Documentation and Information Request

Initial Request for Valuation Information and Documentation, The first request for valuation information about the specific assignment and the subject company, usually requested after the preliminary review of the financial statements and income tax returns, 5 pages Download PDF File

On the Premises: The Site Visit and Introductory Information for Management Interview

Premise Inspection Fact Sheet, An informative preview of the process and information sought in a site visit for gathering first hand information for a full valuation report, invaluable for company owners and executives to prepare for this important part of the valuation process, 6 pages Download PDF File

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