Read About the 75 Ways We Provide A Superior Client Experience

Key Client Benefits

1. Integration of Broad Strategic Services

Thorough evaluation of your overall objectives are coordinated into an overall service plan from the multiple specialties provided by Provident Professional Services and its affiliated group of professional service firms.

Multiple services are arranged, integrated and implemented according to your needs, budget and priorities. From tax structure to managerial accounting to business betterment strategies, Provident Professional Services provides a seamless, coordinated approach to improving financial conditions.

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2. Timely Service

Your tax returns done well before the filing deadline, nearly always within 5 days from receiving your information, if not sooner.

Business financial statements done usually within 5 days, if not sooner.

Your telephone calls, faxes and emails returned in 4 business hours or sooner, whenever possible.

3. Predictable Fees, In Writing, In Advance

Standard services based on a variety of methods: preset table of fees, fixed fees or hourly fees, whichever is most appropriate for your work.

All service arrangements clearly explained in writing in advance requiring your approval to commence work.

No surprises, no open checkbook policy for clients.

All services over $500 are covered by an exclusive written “Service Order” system, which protects clients from unexpected billing or unauthorized work.

4. Directly Accessible Staff, Low Turnover

You’ll have direct access to senior technical staff and senior advisors. No arbitrary sifting through non-essential people or junior staff to get to your answer.

Our staff associates have been with us for years, and have gotten to know our clients personally.

Think of us as having a friend in the business.

5. Resourceful Client-Centered Tax Policy

We take maximum legal advantage of current tax law

We place extensive detail on returns to minimize predictable questions to minimize IRS follow up or audit exposure

We take no reckless positions to invite scrutiny or invite investigations or audits

We pay careful attention to full compliance with tax law to ensure safety and peace of mind for full tax benefits

6. Professional Service Standards

Individual tax planning and preparation for all states and for prior years back to 1989

Tax services in conformity with professional standards

Business taxes, bookkeeping and full professional quality accounting services

Financial statements prepared in conformity with professional Compilation standards

7. Knowledgeable and Experienced People

Over 26 years continuous experience providing integrated services to individuals and businesses

Continuing professional education requirements maintained to stay up to date in diverse methodologies

Expertise in over 92 industries for familiarity to your business type

8. Friendly and Helpful Attitude

We are helpful, gentle, respectful and understanding in the treatment and communication with our clients.

We take extra care to make things easy to understand. Tax form instructions and general correspondence are written clearly so our clients understand our line of reasoning and how our initiatives address their financial betterment.

9. Superior Communication Skills
Verbal Communication In Clear English

Our verbal explanations to clients are thorough, and spoken in clear, plain English so clients can easily understand the subject and the implications to their financial well being.

We pay careful attention to ensuring our verbal communication has been clearly and correctly understood, to avoid problems later.

Compliance Report

When someone asks someone else to provide a service, solve a problem or cause something to happen, most of the time, they never know for sure it was done. They must rely on assumptions, or depend on past performance to “let go” of the dangling mysterious task.

For that situation, we developed a policy and a form called a “Compliance Report.” It assures the client that we have done what we promised, and provides proof of our compliance to the client’s request. The client never has to wonder if the work was done, or constantly go through reminder lists to follow up with us.

Notes To The Client

Written communication is provided in easy to read form, “Notes To The Client,” specially designed by Provident Financial. A space is also provided for clients to respond for each idea, question or comment.

Notes From The Client

Its companion form, “Notes From The Client,” is designed to be used for clients informing us of non-numerical information.

These simple revolutionary forms we developed in 1980 have solved multiple problems and prevented many more. Yet they have never been seen in use by any other professional services firm.

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