Our Mutual Commitments to Work Together

Our Commitments to You

Honesty, Clarity and Courtesy. We will interact with you honestly, clearly and courteously as we would expect from all those with whom we interact. We will not surprise or ambush you when reasonably preventable or knowable in advance. We will not oversell, over bill or over promise.

We Are Your Advocates. We will invest ourselves fully to understand and commit to your goals so we can efficiently assist you in accomplishing them.

Effective Results. We will provide effective practical solutions, realistic expectations and intelligent options which you can understand and act upon with confidence.

Keeping Our Promises. We will keep our promises to you, keep our appointments punctually, and respond to your inquiries within 4 business hours whenever possible.

Competence and Innovation. We will continuously improve our professional skills through professional education programs while implementing the latest innovative and resourceful strategies for sustainable, competent and relevant results.

Your Commitments to Us

Communicating Concerns. Our goal is to make your experience superior. Although we appreciate compliments, more importantly, you also must tell us if we have not measured up to your expectations so that we can take the proper steps to remedy your disappointment.

Cooperation and Collaboration. We depend on communication, cooperation and collaboration from you and others to do our work. That means we rely on you for complete information and prompt responses to our inquiries.

Fulfilling Your Financial Arrangements. So that we can continue without interruption to serve as your advocate, you agree to reciprocate by prompt fulfillment of our payment arrangements as agreed.
Sharing Your Successes. We would appreciate your accepting a role in helping our practice grow from your recommendations to others who would value the caliber of work we do.

Sharing Your Successes. We appreciate your accepting your role in helping our practice grow from your recommendations to those who will appreciate and benefit from the caliber of work we do.