With over 30 years experience as income tax specialists for individuals and small business owners, we have the expertise to use leading edge income tax reduction and planning strategies, income tax penalty avoidance and use income tax audit deterrence measures™ in preparing your income tax returns. We pioneered our unique combination of expanded numerical and narrative content in your income tax returns as an effective strategy to deter income tax audits.

Specialists Experts in Income Taxes and Accounting

We’re specialists in personal and business income tax services and related accounting issues which bear on your income taxes. We do not dilute our attention on distractions to take advantage of our relationship to act as real estate agents, insurance brokers, securities salespeople, notaries, mortgage brokers, secretarial services or other sidelines. We’re dedicated to relevant fields of related endeavors to assist you in meeting your goals, in part, as dedicated experts and specialists in income tax reduction, income tax audit deterrence, income tax penalty avoidance and income tax return preparation.

Experts in Both Individuals and Small Businesses

Our income tax services cover both individuals and small businesses. Both individual and business income tax returns are very thoroughly prepared with special attention to avoiding any questions or mysteries on your income tax returns, which might trigger an otherwise preventable income tax audit.

Why Income Tax Audit Deterrence Matters

Generally, most tax preparers have everything to gain by ignoring tax audit deterrence measures™ because they are expecting to be engaged to assist the taxpayer in the audit process, requiring substantial fees. By contrast, we would rather prepare thorough tax returns at the outset than defend a poorly-prepared tax return in an IRS audit. That way, we are always operating in our client’s best interests, with no conflicts based on fee revenue.

Small Business Specialists with Small Business Experience

We are small business specialists. We have gained our experience in small business CPA firms before launching our own firm over 30 years ago, so our training, orientation and experience are all consistently relevant to your small business.

Beware of CPAs who brag about large “big-4” CPA firm backgrounds in an attempt to create a false marketing strategy to impress small business owners. Just the opposite is true. Most clients of large big-4 CPA firms are usually themselves large or international corporations which require sophisticated solutions and can afford the resultant exotic fee structure. Large CPA firm experience is NOT relevant to small businesses.

Our specialized income tax services for small businesses include corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and sole proprietors. Our clients range from emerging companies to established multimillion dollar corporations in a full range of industry types, including manufacturing, distribution, the trades, retail stores, services and the professions.

Pioneers of Audit Deterrence Measures™

Our tax returns have historically had a very favorable acceptance rate with the IRS and the state taxing agencies because we are absolutely determined to be thorough and accurate in our income tax preparation procedures.

We leave nothing to chance, take no reckless risks for exposing potential areas open to question, fully explain and support the tax positions we adopt so the IRS and state taxing agencies realize we have the tax law and theory researched and properly applied to our clients tax issues. In many cases we cite tax law and court cases in the return itself.

We take the initiative to disclose an extraordinary level of detail in the numerical content of your tax returns and back it up with carefully written narrative supplemental information, presented in advance, thus reducing the need for the IRS to have to audit the returns to determine if the correct tax treatment was used and if the correct numbers were properly classified.

Comprehensive Tax Reduction Measures

Moreover, we have the knowhow to inquire about potential tax reduction issues and evaluate their relevance to your specific income tax situation, so you’ll know in advance that your income taxes have been prepared in accordance with the latest tax laws and regulations to keep you safe from IRS audit harassment techniques and to minimize your tax burden at the same time. Moreover, your income tax returns will be prepared with the greatest care in protecting you from the menace of preventable IRS income tax penalties whenever possible.

Tax Preparer Professional Education Requirements Superior to CPAs

Your tax returns will be prepared by a California Registered Tax Preparer (CRTP), covered by a performance bond, which CPAs in California do not offer. Also, CPAs are not required to update their income tax knowledge and stay current with continuing professional income tax education to renew their CPA license. CPAs are required to complete 80 hours of education every two years, but none of it is required to involve income taxation. By contrast, CRTPs are required to renew their California state registration every year, required to maintain a consumer protection bond, and are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of tax education to qualify for renewal. Learn more…

Your Taxes Will Be Prepared in Orange County (OC), CA
(Not in India or the Philippines)

Your income tax returns will NOT be outsourced for preparation to foreign countries. Many tax preparers do so without disclosing that fact to their clients. By contract, all your income tax work will be prepared on a hands-on basis in Orange County (OC) by the principal of the firm, Tom Kalajian, who has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, has expertise in over 92 industries, and is broadly experienced as a seasoned, proven tax professional, an accredited business appraiser and a qualified profit improvement specialist.

We employ no junior staff or delegate income tax preparation to other preparers. There are no levels of management or bureaucratic quagmires to go through. You will have direct and responsive access to your tax professional without delay or diversions.

Choice of Service Levels

We offer a range of service options which are priced according to the level of service you prefer. At the same time, we are not the low cost leader, as our work is thorough, competent, tax efficient and resistant to both preventable penalties and include cutting edge audit deterrent measures.

Small Firm Size Keeps Service Quality High

To keep our service and responsiveness at the highest levels, we limit our client base to an optimum work load level of not more than 100 income tax clients, where we are not overloaded with low end income tax returns and overwhelm ourselves, thereby causing poor service and support to the entire base of clients we value.

Is Our Fit, Feel and Philosophy Right for You?

Should you decide that our small firm fits with what you have in mind, you can rest assured we will cherish your patronage and treat you with dignity and respect, as ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.

Although we’re based in Orange County (OC), CA, we do provide effective services throughout Southern California and beyond, including clients who live and work outside California.

For more information, please feel welcome to simply call (949) 583 1040 and ask for Tom. We’d be delighted to hear from you.