Your Choice of Fees and Level of Service

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only firm which offers our clients a choice of pricing choices through service levels for individual and business income tax preparation services. Based on your preferences and budget, you have the choice and control on how comprehensive you want your income tax returns prepared. This is a fundamental breakthrough in the whole process of income tax preparation, where we offer you the choices of implementing which procedures you wish to include in your unique service plan.

Value Service

You may choose from our no-frills Value Service, which is approximately equivalent to most tax preparation professionals, which is generally a more comprehensive level than popular seasonal strip-mall franchise operators.

Classic Service

Our mid-range service level, the Classic Service, incorporates several important options and services you might find valuable. This is usually more comprehensive than low- or medium-priced services elsewhere.

Premium Select

Our Premium Select service, reserved for the first 25 enrollees, includes most of our cutting-edge options which provide the greatest value and most intense personal attention to all your income tax needs, questions and concerns.