Save Time, Money, and Worry with A Dedicated Tax Professional.

There’s no way around it: You have to file your tax returns. If you’re one of those who have a multitude of tax deductions, or especially if you’re business owner, a dedicated tax professional is the safer option.

There are many benefits to partnering with a knowledgeable, experienced tax accountant, who knows how to present your tax returns professionally, which also truthfully and legally minimizes your taxes and audit exposure. Those rare qualities which also save you time and money, and most of all, the heartache and worry of IRS abuses. Confidently going into tax season is a feeling many aren’t familiar with. With Provident Professional Services, we’ll ensure you feel that way every tax season going forward! Nothing compares to a tax professional who understands you, your distinct situation and your financial needs.

Want a good reason to consider our services? Frustrated, disappointed or dreading the usual, ordinary, mediocre tax preparation ordeal? Want to escape the mundane, archaic tax preparation process? Here are a few of the ways that we ensure a superior experience for our clients.

Choice of Tax Preparation Service Level

  • You’ll choose from three service levels for the best fit for your needs and budget.

Direct Access to the Accountant

  • No runaround with junior team members who don’t know you or can’t answer your questions!

Year-Around Access

  • We are available year around to answer questions about tax returns at no charge.

Discrete Office Facilities

  • We’re located in a quiet residential area where you’ll have direct and private access, and ample free parking. Not to mention: Great coffee!

Maximum Legal Tax Deductions

  • We legally cut taxes by asking the right questions and knowing the intricacies of the latest tax laws.

Audit Deterrence MeasuresTM

  • We proactively add context, dismiss unwarranted presumptions, dispel suspicions and clarify ambiguities in your tax returns.

Comprehensive Questionnaire

  • Save time, travel, traffic and taxes by uncovering hidden deductions from the comfort of your home.

Disclosure of Specific Tax Savings Generated

  • Clients get a list of specific dollar value of the tax savings measures we’ve adopted.

Audio Commentary on PDF Files

  • Clients can listen to embedded audio files of voice commentary on PDF documents, providing a greater ease to your understanding of your tax returns.

Carefully Worded Deduction Descriptions

  • Accurate descriptions of your deductions to avoid misunderstandings or assumptions.

Professional Presentation

  • We take special care to present your tax returns with correct spelling, grammar and proper capitalization.

All Tax Forms and Schedules Included

  • All tax returns include all optional forms and detailed supporting schedules.

Detailed Expense Breakdowns

  • High audit-risk deduction categories are further expanded in supplemental supporting sub-schedules.

Notes on Tax Preparation

  • We inform our clients about the issues, limitations, assumptions and their preferences we’ve adopted.

Explanation and Report of Tax Bracket

  • Explanation of the client’s tax bracket and how it applies to future tax and financial planning.

Tax Return Copies Include Worksheets

  • Clients’ copy includes all worksheets and carryover information for future planning.

Client History on PDFs

  • Clients receive PDF files of tax returns, tax organizer, source documents and e-mail correspondence.

Annual Comparative Analysis

  • Showcases the current and prior year tax return dollar amounts, federal and state tax rates and tax brackets.

Prompt Service

  • Tax returns are ready for e-file approval within seven business days after all the tax information and clarified and resolved.

Client Advocate

  • We’ll present you with legitimate tax opportunities where the law is unclear or favors the client’s position.

Tax Penalty Avoidance Measures

  • We recommend timely payment of estimated taxes to avoid penalty assessments whenever possible.

No Reckless Tax Schemes

  • We won’t jeopardize your peace of mind by desperate measures that stretch beyond the boundaries of tax law.

Tax Preparation by One Accountant

  • All tax returns are handcrafted from start to finish by one tax accountant. No runaround!

No Offshore Outsourcing to Tax Mills

  • No off-shoring to deter the potential risk possible security breaches or identity theft.

Review of Prior Tax Years

  • For new clients, we review the prior three years for important carryover information, errors or omissions.

Optimized Tax Filing Status

  • For married taxpayers, we compute the lowest tax by comparing “joint” filing status to “separate” filing.

No Tax Season Overload

  • We limit our practice size to allow us time to complete returns well before tax deadlines and extensions.

E-mail Tax Updates

  • You’ll receive the latest tax news, warnings, traps and opportunities through brief, informative messages. No canned newsletters with cute pet stories or chicken recipes.

Computer-Modeled Tax Planning

  • Explore the alternative tax-saving measures in advance to select the optimum course for your financial future.

And last but certainly not least . . . Reality Check!

  • We’ll conduct a final review of your tax returns from the viewpoint of a tax auditor to ensure your tax returns “pass the test!”

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