I truly appreciate all of the care and attention that went into my tax documentation and filing, as well a the thorough and patient a.nswers to my many, many questions

Kristen Small

Provident has provided a comprehensive and positive accounting and tax experience, and I will highly recommend them.

Deborah Wachter

Tom’s expertise is the peace of mind I’m looking for in a tax preparer!

Gary Giuliano

I feel that your prepare the data right and answer questions to the IRS before they question it. Very proactive with the donations I have had over the years.

Tom C. Brown

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9 Ways We Can Be Financially Independent

April 3rd, 2019|0 Comments

Financial independence: No, it doesn’t mean retirement! Retirement is the end of your working life. Especially if you’re one of those who love what you do, retirement doesn’t need to be your goal. But financial [...]

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Relief from Your QuickBooks Headache:

March 15th, 2019|0 Comments

Articulate and Accurate QuickBooks Bookkeeping QuickBooks is easily one of the most popular programs to help businesses keep their finances, budgets and expenses in check. But, when every other aspect of your business is competing [...]

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Don’t Go It Alone:

March 12th, 2019|0 Comments

Save Time, Money, and Worry with A Dedicated Tax Professional. There’s no way around it: You have to file your tax returns. If you’re one of those who have a multitude of tax deductions, or [...]